Fish & Clouds

Fish & Clouds

Fish & Clouds was a dual pop-up exhibition with my colleague and friend Hajnal Szolga in the Lokal Art and Project Space in Kreuzkölln, Berlin at the very end of August 2021.

Exhibition view of Fish & Clouds dual pop-up exhibition © Csilla Szabo Photography

The monochrome domain, the analog photographic methods, the different handcrafting techniques, and the manual manipulations are all defining, common elements. Like witches in the alchemist’s den, they abstract reality.

While Szolga clouds nature’s reality, and sensitively reimagines the man-made destruction of the climate, Szabo enlarges and magically transforms sea creatures into demonic totems.

Even though both artists travel on their own psychedelic path, their creations end up in a complementary, dual pop up show, in the Lokal Project Space in Kreuzkölln, inviting viewers to peek into these ghostly, abstract realities.

Poster of the Fish & Clouds dual pop-up exhibition © Csilla Szabo Photography

The exhibition was self-organized and self-funded, in collaboration with the AnalogueNOW! Photoweekend and the Analog Explorers Community.

You can see the whole project in detail with a beautiful text here.