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Fish & Clouds

Fish & Clouds Fish & Clouds was a dual pop-up exhibition with my colleague and friend Hajnal Szolga in the Lokal Art and Project Space in Kreuzkölln, Berlin at the very end of August 2021. The monochrome domain, the analog photographic methods, the different handcrafting techniques, and the manual manipulations are all defining, common elements….

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Wiederwachen In the middle of the Pandemie I was invited by the curator and artist Semra Sevin to participate in an outdoor group exhibition. With some hot spicy wine in hand, the art-hungry visitors were able to see some really interesting artworks in the freezing cold in the window shops of hotels, shops, surrounding buildings.


Melt! During the Pandemie, when hardly anything happened artistically in the city, there was a brief ease on the rules around Christmas time, so with a few friends I organized a small group exhibition in the Producer’S Gallery in Prenzlauerberg. Participating artists: Hajnal Szolga, Michi Hartmann and Macarena Sierra. Because of the limited space I…

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Smokescreen One of my picture was used for the LP cover of the Berlin-based wonderful The Pool band. Design by the singer and dear friend, Martin Behrndt.


Fotóművészet A 6 page publication in the Hungarian Photoart Magazine “Fotóművészet” in 2018, with the wonderful text by Andrea Bordács art historian. The text in English: Andrea Bordács:  Slow Life – The Photography of Csilla Szabó In Camera Lucida, Roland Barthes discusses figurative images, stating that photography itself is basically the field of decay and…

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Dear future me

Dear future me Photoexhibition complementing a theater piece by Adel Onodi, in the Bakelit Multi Art Center, Budapest, Hungary, in 2018. A photo series about Adel Onodi, about being transgender, about (self) acceptance, about transformation. You can see all the pictures and the project description here.


Demonography — in memory of Marcus — An exhibition of a series of mural-size photographic prints installed with music composed specifically for each individual photograph, in the Small Water Reservoir  in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin, in the autumn of 2018. A collaboration project with Marcus Fjellström Swedish composer, I finished it to tribute his wonderful work and…

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Tbilisi Art Fair

Tbilisi Art Fair In 2018 I was invited to the Tbilisi Art Fair to exhibit a few works of mine in the Hive section and also to do a “happening” on the Art Fair. I have brought my large format camera and set it up in front of the Hive section building to take portraits…

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Catalogue publishing Self-designed and self-published Catalogue of selected photographic works from the period 2008-2018, with a wonderful text about my work, written by Andrea Bordacs, art historian.

Publication in Marie Claire Hungary My portrait (on the right) of Adél Ónodi was published in the June 2018 issue of Marie Claire Hungary, to accompany the article about this brave lady’s life and a teaser of our artistic project that will be exhibited in the fall.

Publication in Aiolos

Publication in Aiolos My work has been published in the newest issue of Aiolos, which is a wonderful Swedish Literary Magazine. I was chosen as one of the visual artists that they would show through the magazine – I have 18 works printed full page. I wish I could read the poems and essays too!

Publication in Interior Design Book In 2017, when the Ritz Carlton Hotel Budapest was renovated, I was one of the artists they chose to purchase artworks from for the interior. The internationally renowned interior designer, Kelly Hoppen published a book about her work, which also contained interiors from the hotel, one of them with my…

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Studio visit and interview by Artig Gallery Artig Gallery visits my studio! Art Magazine – Analogue Photography by Csilla Szabó Why and how did you fell in love with photography? When I was around 23-24 years old I felt a needed a change in my life. I wanted to do something different with a meaning…

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Light & Shadow exhibition

Light & Shadow exhibition Participation in the Light & Shadow group show in the Ph21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary in 2015. A juried international photography exhibition. Creating unique effects with lights and shadows captured by a camera is, according to many, one of the most intriguing means of photographic expression. Photographers have relied on the…

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Oase exhibition

Oase exhibition Group-show participation in the Povvera Projektraum in 2015. Curated by Eniko Marton, the other invited artists were: Edith Kollath, Chelsea Leventhal, Tobias Löffler and Gyula Sági. Symmetry is an expression of order and proportionality of individual elements of a whole: we feel the entirety as beautiful and harmonious.Symmetry as a dualistic structure (our…

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